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Sellafield sends 'largest' waste shipment to Japan

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image captionThe Pacific Grebe was built specifically to transport high-level nuclear waste

A shipment of radioactive waste has arrived in Japan from Cumbria, as part of the ongoing programme of cleaning up the Sellafield site.

The consignment of 132 canisters was a by-product from Japanese reactors which was sent to the UK for reprocessing during the 1980s and 1990s.

It was the fourth and largest shipment from Sellafield since the repatriation began in 2009.

A specially-built vessel, the Pacific Grebe, was used for the sea voyage.

After travelling through the Atlantic, around the Cape of Good Hope and across the Southern Indian Ocean, the waste arrived at the port of Mutsu-Ogawara on Tuesday.

It will now be transported by road to Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd's storage facility at Rokkasho-Mura.

Mark Jervis, from INS which specialises in nuclear transportation, said; "This method of transporting radioactive waste is safe, secure and tried and tested.

"We know that with meticulous planning and close working with Sellafield Ltd that we can continue to deliver progress in this long-term programme."

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