Carlisle student sentenced for false rape claim

A University of Cumbria student who lied about being raped during a spate of sex attacks has been give a four-month suspended jail sentence.

Magistrates heard how Chloe Fox, 20, of Spencer Street, Carlisle, wasted 650 hours of police time by claiming she had been attacked in the city.

She told police she had been dragged from Warwick Road into an alley in the early hours of 19 September 2011.

The journalism student admitted she had lied 20 days after making the claim.

The prosecution solicitor Adrienne Harris told the court police officers had asked Fox if she was sure she was telling the truth when they noticed a number of inconsistencies.

University place

She said CCTV footage showed it took just three minutes to walk home which would have not allowed enough time for the attack to take place.

The prosecution also said Fox had no injuries and there was no forensic evidence either on her or at the scene.

She gave a guilty plea to the charge of causing wasteful employment of police by knowingly placing a false report.

Defence solicitor Carly Lancaster told Magistrates Fox had no recollection of the night and could not explain why she said she had been raped.

Fox has since sent a letter of apology to the police.

Her sentence was suspended by the magistrates so she could keep her university place.

She will also carry out 180 hours of community service and pay £85.

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