Broad Crag fell fall man found by photo

image captionThe photo that was sent to the mountain rescue team

An injured man was rescued in the Lake District after sending a photo of where he was to a mountain rescue team.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue team was alerted on Thursday night by two men.

The men described the surroundings but the rescuers were struggling to identify where they were until team leader Mike Gullen suggested they sent a photo.

As a result they were found on Broad Crag, near Scafell Pike, and the injured man was airlifted to hospital.

Wasdale team leader Richard Warren said trying to locate the men was like trying to find a "needle in a haystack".

'Clinched it'

The men had been to the summit of Scafell Pike and said they had been walking for about an hour when one of them fell and injured his arm.

Mr Warren said: "They didn't really know where they were. It was getting to be a little bit hopeless but then the team leader suggested they sent a photo.

image captionThe men were airlifted from the crag

"That basically told us roughly where they were and the team set off."

When the team got near the pair waved their jackets to bring them to their exact location, which was high up, and one of the team reached them.

They were airlifted from the crag by the crew of a rescue helicopter from RAF Boulmer and the injured man was taken to hospital with a suspected broken arm.

Mr Warren said: "Having a photo really clinched it for us. It really did help."

About 27 members of the Wasdale team were involved in the rescue.

It came immediately after they had returned from rescuing a 77-year-old man who was suffering from leg cramp on the top of Great Gable.

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