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Leamington Spa school could ditch uniforms for hoodies

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image captionPupils could wear hoodies like those pictured instead of sweatshirts if proposals go ahead
A school could ditch uniforms in favour of tracksuits and hoodies in a bid to promote an "active" curriculum.
Pupils at at Telford Junior School, in Leamington Spa, could soon be sporting jogging bottoms and tops emblazoned with its logo.
The school is consulting parents on the move, which it says would "reduce costs to families" and "save valuable lesson time".
But one mother worried the "scruffy" look could lower standards.
The parent, who did not wish to be named, told the BBC: "I think we're all a bit concerned it might look a bit scruffy. I don't really see the point of changing something that works at the moment.
"I think uniforms instil the importance of looking smart and making an effort every day."
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A letter sent to parents said the clothing would be worn throughout the day, without the need to change into games kit for PE or games lessons.
The current uniform is a blue fleeced cardigan, white polo-shirt, black or grey trousers or skirt and black shoes.
A decision is due later this month. If the measure is adopted it could be brought in next year.
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Headmaster Richard Siviter told the BBC: "We want to retain a uniform code and make it more practical for the children.
"I feel we need to move with the times. It's an active curriculum and pupils need to feel comfortable."
He said the school may opt for a jumper or fleece as some parents had expressed concerns about the choice of hoodies.
A statement released by the school said: "National research has shown active children do better: better academic performance, better behaviour, better health and learn better habits for their future lives".
Telford Junior School is attended by over 350 pupils.

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