Dad writes book to fundraise son's cancer recovery

image source, Alex Goodwin/ Twitter
image captionAlex's use of social media is a force for good, his family say.

A police officer has written a book about his son's cancer treatment to raise money for his rehabilitation and further treatment.

Warwickshire officer Jeff Goodwin's 10-year-old son, Alex, was given just months to live in October 2016 after being diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma.

Alex has since undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the US and is well enough to come home on 20 August.

Mr Goodwin also recorded a charity song to raise funds for treatment.

His book tells the story of Alex's cancer and treatment and will be released with a documentary DVD.

"All proceeds will go towards Alex's follow up rehabilitation and checks to make sure he can walk again and that the cancer does not return," he said.

image source, Alex Goodwin/ Twitter
image captionEwing Sarcoma is a rare bone cancer mainly affecting children

In 2015, Alex, began struggling with leg pain and eventually was confined to a wheelchair.

In October 2016 Alex went to the US for proton beam therapy after the treatment was not offered through the NHS.

Mr Goodwin, a police constable in Rugby, said: "We were told that Alex may not last until Christmas 2016 so we managed to get him to Kansas City in the US for life saving treatment and here he is. He is coming home.

"Alex's journey was and remains an amazing story where the Thin Blue Line in the UK and in the US came together to support my son."

image source, Jeff Goodwin
image captionAlex has a love for nature which he shares with his dad

Proceeds from the book, 'Alexander's Journey: Sum Spiro Spero' (While I breathe, I hope), will go towards physiotherapy after surgery to replace Alex's femur, affected by the cancer, with a metal bone.

Alex has been sharing his progress with thousands of followers on Twitter and on his blog.

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