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Warwick Castle welcomes first baby peacocks in four years

Warwick Castle peachicks Image copyright Warwick Castle
Image caption The peachicks were found by staff on the roof of an outbuilding at Warwick Castle

Baby peacocks are born in the grounds of Warwick Castle for the first time in four years.

The peachicks, believed to be just over a week old, were found nesting on the roof of an outbuilding with their mother.

The family has been brought into a garden shed, where castle staff are caring for them and providing them with daily dishes of mealworms and greens.

Now, the castle is asking for the public to help name the new arrivals.

Image copyright Warwick Castle
Image caption Staff at Warwick Castle will have to wait to see if their new peachicks are male or female

Nick Blofeld, Warwick Castle's divisional director, said staff are having to wait before they can tell if the chicks are male or female.

"The cuteness factor of our peachicks is off the scale already," he said.

The castle has a flock of 40 adult peacocks that roam around its grounds.

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