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Inquiry into hoax calls alleging relatives in hospital

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Media captionBindi said her family was hysterically trying to contact her 27-year-old son

A string of hoax calls where families are called in the early hours of the morning and told relatives have died are being investigated.

Warwickshire Police said it was looking into six calls made in the early hours of Friday and Saturday morning.

All the victims, from the Nuneaton and Bedworth area, were told to go to George Eliot Hospital, the force said.

George Eliot Hospital said making calls in the early hours of the morning was not an approach it normally adopted.

One mother-of-two, who asked to be referred to as Bindi, was called at about 02:00 BST on Saturday and told she needed to go to A&E to identify her dead son.


"We were hysterical," said the 53-year-old.

"My husband is normally quite calm and I'm the hysterical one but even he totally lost it."

Unable to contact her son, she made her way to the hospital but was told by staff he was not there.

Image caption Bindi was called in the night and told she needed to go to A&E to identify her dead son

As she made her way out of the building she said another "hysterical" woman came into the hospital.

"It was obvious she had had the same call," she said.

Her 27-year-old son later arrived home safe and well, unaware of what had been going on.

Warwickshire Police confirmed they were investigating.

"If a member of the public receives a call of this nature they should always ensure they take the name of the person making the call and request a land line contact number for where they are calling from so they can check it is a genuine call," a spokesperson for the force said.

The chief executive of George Eliot Hospital, Kevin McGee, said: "This was extremely distressing for everyone concerned."

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