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Speed cameras: Warwickshire serious crash numbers 'halved'

The number of people killed or seriously injured on Warwickshire roads has halved since speed cameras were introduced in 2001, according to the Road Safety Partnership.

In 2001 the figure was 639, which fell to 301 by 2010, a fall of 53%.

Councillor Richard Hobbs said: "Speed cameras are not universally popular, but as this data shows their use has brought significant safety benefits."

Warwickshire currently has 34 fixed speed cameras.

Data released by Warwickshire Police revealed that 32,600 motorists were caught speeding by fixed and mobile speed cameras in 2010.

Of these, 12,000 attending a speed awareness workshop instead of being prosecuted.

Supt Adrian McGee, from Warwickshire Police said he was disappointed that "as the figures we have published demonstrate, there are still a significant number of drivers who disregard the safety of themselves, their passengers and other road users by exceeding speed limits".

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