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Coventry Cardinal Newman School in wrong shoes exam ban

Pupils at a school in Coventry were refused entry to a GCSE exam because they were wearing the wrong shoes.

Several students at Cardinal Newman School in Keresley were told they were not allowed into the maths re-sit on Monday.

The school said four students not wearing black shoes then refused to take the exam because they would not remove their "unacceptable" footwear.

The family of one barred pupil said he must now pay £70 to retake the exam.

Patrick Doherty was one of 17 pupils initially turned away for their footwear.

'Really angry'

His mother, Nikki, said: "There were other sixth formers in there in their own clothes and in other exam rooms.

"One of his [Patrick's] cousins was wearing the same pair of shoes but he was allowed to take his exam."

His older sister Danielle said the school did not contact her or her mother and she only found out when her brother texted her.

"I'm really, really angry," she said.

"Point me out a parent who can pay £70 towards a school exam?

"I would like them to allow him to take the exam without having to pay.

"If they are going to refuse entry into an exam, at least contact the parent first."

Financial support

In a statement, the school said: "Yesterday four students refused to take their maths GCSE re-sit because they would not remove unacceptable footwear before entering the exam hall.

"The school has tried to work with all our parents to make them aware of the expectations about school uniform.

"We are very grateful that the vast majority of parents support us and have taken responsibility for ensuring their children wear the uniform.

"It is very sad that a tiny minority of students and their parents think that they should be allowed to wear what they like while everyone else is expected to follow the rules."

The spokesman added that the school had also offered financial support to parents who may need it to buy shoes and other items, but no-one at the school was available to comment on claims students faced a bill to re-sit the exam.

In January, about 100 pupils were sent home from the school for wearing the wrong type of shoes.

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