Chelsea pensioners sail to the Isles of Scilly from Cornwall

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Chelsea pensioners
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The Chelsea pensioners said they were having a "phenomenal trip"

Eight Army veterans have sailed from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly for a week of adventures.

The Chelsea pensioners are former non-commissioned officers or soldiers of the British army who live at the Royal Hospital in London.

The veterans made history as it was the first time Chelsea pensioners had sailed and slept on a tall ship.

Sailing charity, Turn to Starboard, helped organise the visit.

'Absolutely phenomenal trip'

Pensioner Peter Turner said: "Chelsea pensioners have never been on a sailing boat before, we've never visited the Isles of Scilly before, most events we go on are concerts and meetings like that where you stay in hotels.

"I set this up with Helen Jane from Turn to Starboard... We started talking and decided that we could take a crew of pensioners on board... And this is the result we come over here for a week, and it's been an absolutely phenomenal trip so far."

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The Chelsea pensioners were all hands on deck when it came to sailing the boat

Helen Jane, from Turn to Starboard, said: "We support veterans who have been affected by service, giving them sailing opportunities.

"Affected by service doesn't necessarily mean the physical or mental injuries that everybody hears about.

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The pensioners also took part in a sports day and gig racing

"A lot of people when they come out of service, they miss the teamwork, the camaraderie, the sense of humour and just being together and so being on a sailing boat brings that back to them again."

The pensioners also took part in a sports day and gig racing.

Pensioner Dewi Treharne said in relation to gig racing, although they did not win, they had a great time.

"We came close to last, we couldn't get it together, unfortunately the coxswain was not very good," he joked.

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