Covid-19: Isles of Scilly fears 'selfish people' fleeing lockdown

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image captionThe islands' 2,000-strong population remain under England's most lenient Covid restrictions

People living on the Isles of Scilly have said they fear "selfish people" travelling there to escape stricter restrictions elsewhere.

The islands are the only place in England under tier one rules, with everywhere else in tier three or four.

This means the population of 2,200 can visit pubs and restaurants, with the rule of six and table service in place.

There have been no recorded positive Covid cases on Scilly, 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall, since September.

Jonathan Smith, an organic farmer and councillor for St Martin's, said: "It's an interesting paradox that Scilly remains the only place left in tier one" as "we are probably the place in the country for fewest options for travel, shopping and eating out in the winter months."

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image captionJonathan Smith is a councillor who also runs a small organic fruit and vegetable farm

Linda Thomas, 69, from St Mary's, said staying in tier one is "no time for jubilation" as residents worry about their relatives on the mainland and the risk of the virus coming to the islands.

"Having seen our family and friends in Cornwall go from a tier one to a tier three in under a week because of mindless selfish people from higher tiers travelling down is very disturbing," Ms Thomas said.

"We know that some of these people were heading to the islands and I have no doubt that some made it."

Another islander, Barbara Simpson, 78, said: "Those who freely admit they have come to Scilly to get away from the virus obviously have no idea - or don't care - of the risk they pose to us.

"The total lack of awareness and arrogance of these people is staggering."

The Council of the Isles of Scilly said: "We strongly urge anyone planning to travel to the islands to reconsider, in light of what bringing the virus to the islands could mean for our community, particularly at this time of year."

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