Coronavirus: Girl in tears as nurse dad self-isolates

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Emma, Scott and Evie Parker
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Emma Parker with husband Scott who wants to protect daughter Evie, 10

An emergency department nurse is self-isolating away from his family home to protect his vulnerable young daughter from coronavirus.

Scott Parker, 44, a nurse at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, wants to protect daughter Evie, 10, who has epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

Evie cried herself to sleep after her father left to self-isolate, picking up his belongings from the doorstep.

"If something happened I could not forgive myself," he said.

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Evie cried herself to sleep after her father left to self-isolate

Mr Parker moved out of his home in Porthleven, Cornwall, on Sunday and has moved into a holiday cabin which has been offered free of rent near his home.

Mr Parker said: "I'm a staff nurse in the accident and emergency department so I come into contact with people left right and centre.

"Evie had a brain tumour operation when she was seven weeks old so you do not want to spread it to her."

Wife Emma, 43, said: "Evie was looking out of her bedroom window as he left.

"I had to comfort her as she cried herself to sleep not fully understanding what's happening and not knowing when she'll see her daddy again.

"This is one of the worst things we have had to go through as a family, but we'll get through it."

In the meantime the family, including Evie's elder brother and sister, are keeping in touch online.

"I've seen groups of people hanging around in Porthleven," said Mrs Parker.

"My message is 'Stay at home.' Scott is risking his life for you all and making a huge sacrifice."

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