Cornwall Lib Dem candidate mocked disabled on Twitter

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A general election candidate has been criticised for posting "jokes" about overweight people and mocking disabled people on Twitter.

Danny Chambers, Liberal Democrat candidate for North Cornwall, posted the tweets between 2011 and 2014.

Campaigners called one post "degrading" to dyslexic people and questioned his suitability as a candidate.

Mr Chambers, who has since deleted the tweets, said: "I regret any offence that they may have caused."

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Danny Chambers: "Clearly these 'jokes' do not reflect my views and opinions"

In one he states: "What bounces and makes kids cry? My donation cheque to Children in Need."

Another stated: "I met a bloke in Yorkshire the other day. I knew he was dyslexic as soon as I saw him. He had a cat flap on his head."

And: "I never give money to Big Issue sellers or Cancer Research collectors. I know they'll just spend it on drugs."

The British Dyslexia Association said: "We would reminded Mr Chambers his actions and comments can have a detrimental impact on other people."

It said his purpose in sharing the so-called jokes "was to impress some people at the expense of other people's dignity, which isn't the kind of behaviour you would expect or want to see from someone running for public office".

A Big Issue spokesperson said vendors were "vulnerable people who are working for a living and "deserve our support and not our judgement".

Image source, Twitter
Image source, Twitter

Mr Chambers said: "Many years ago I tweeted a series of other people's bad jokes drawn from TV and social media, that could be potentially insensitive to certain groups.

"Clearly these 'jokes' do not reflect my views and opinions."

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All candidates currently standing in the North Cornwall seat are:

Scott Mann (Conservative)

Robin Julian (Brexit)

Danny Chambers (Liberal Democrat)

Clare Hewlitt (Green Party)