Shifting sands: Storm Eleanor changes shape of Cornwall beaches

By Johnny O'Shea
BBC News Online

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At Perranporth a sand cliff has been created in the middle of the beach

The raw power of Storm Eleanor has shifted tonnes of sand to create new landscapes on beaches.

New "sand cliffs" have developed along the coast of north Cornwall, causing one beach to be closed by the council.

Gusts of up to 100mph (161km/h) hit parts of the UK on Wednesday morning, combining with powerful tides to make a significant impact on the coastline.

The RNLI is advising people to "stay well clear" of the features.

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The dunes along Crantock beach have been driven back, making some former access points unusable
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The erosion on Perranporth beach has left a pub perched on a private island

A sheer cliff of sand has formed in the middle of Perranporth beach, and two bridges on to the beach have been flattened.

Crantock beach has been significantly eroded, with the lifeguard hut being undermined, and 10m (32ft) sand cliffs have formed in some sections of the dunes above the beach.

Image source, Bude and Beyond
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Summerleaze beach in Bude has been closed by Cornwall Council after a sand cliff formed
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Dog walkers have been taking in the changing landscape at Crantock beach
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The RNLI is advising people to stay away from sand cliffs formed by the storms

One popular beach in Bude, Summerleaze, has been closed by Cornwall Council for safety reasons after significant sand erosion.

The RNLI's area lifesaving manager Dickon Berriman said: "We strongly advise visitors to beaches to stay well clear of the sand cliffs that have been formed by the recent high tides and stormy weather.

"They contain huge quantities of heavy sand and are extremely unstable."

In the village of Portreath, a 20m (65ft) chunk of sea wall was destroyed just metres from several homes.

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This lifeguard hut has been undermined by the storm, exposing its foundations
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A bridge on to Perranporth beach has been destroyed, and the course of the river has moved 20m (65ft) down the beach
Image source, Avril Sainsbury
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The local authority is asking people to stay away from the 2m (7ft) drop at Summerleaze beach in Bude

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