'Exceptional' British record shark caught off Cornwall

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image captionTail to head are Barry Took, Darryl Took, Simon Putnam and John Dines

The biggest blue shark ever caught in British waters has been reeled in, smashing a 58-year-old record.

John Dines, from Essex, caught the 8.8ft (2.7m) creature, which weighed 256.5lb (113kg), on board a charter boat 10 miles off Cornwall in July.

Skipper Robin 'Chippy' Chapman called it "just an insane fish" and said it was safely released afterwards.

The Shark Angling Club of Great Britain (SACGB) has verified it as a new British record.

In a statement, the SACGB said: "The first run stripped over 400 yards of line and with around only 50 yards left on the spool John did well to turn it.

"What followed was an hour and a half long battle during which the fish made six more long runs. It was clear from the first run that this was an exceptional fish."

The SACGB promotes catch and release fishing, and earlier this year starting registering measure and release records.

To claim a British measured and released record, the shark must be caught, measured and released alive.

Mr Chapman, of Bite Adventures in Penzance, said: "The UK has taken a massive step forwards with catch and release. I take a huge amount of pride in it, in caring for the fish.

"It's about looking after a sport for generations to come."

The female fish was estimated to weigh 256.5lb (113kg) and was 8.8ft (2.7m) from its nose to the fork in its tail. It had a girth of 3.6ft (1.1m).

The previous record for a blue shark was 214lb (97kg), caught off Looe, Cornwall, in 1959.

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