'Crazy' double yellow lines painted on road in Cornwall

Threemilestone Industrial Estate, Truro Image copyright Mark Mitchell
Image caption Threemilestone Industrial Estate, Truro

Business owners have been left astounded after double yellow lines were drawn across the middle of a road.

The "no parking" lines were discovered on an industrial estate near Truro in Cornwall.

Mark Mitchell, owner of Stylehome, said: "It goes against all common sense to draw lines across the middle of the road."

Cornwall Council said although the lines were "technically correct", it would remove them.

Image copyright Mark Mitchell
Image caption The double yellow lines were described as "a complete lack of common sense"

It follows traffic problems around the Threemilestone Industrial Estate due to road closures.

Mark Mitchell said: "It is hard to make this up and, frankly, simply beyond belief."

Other businesses are located past the yellow lines.

Cornwall Council said in a statement that the road had stopped where the double yellow lines were painted until the road was extended in 2013.

But when it was extended, the "traffic order" for the lines was not changed, so the lines remained.

"The yellow lines across the road, whilst appearing to be an unfortunate error, are in fact technically correct," it said.

"However, we recognise that it is highly unlikely that anyone would park a vehicle across the highway at this point, and we will therefore remove the offending section."

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