Marine attacker Ben Scott jailed for 'gloating'

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Image caption Scott posted a picture of champagne and referred to his victim as 'scum'

A builder who used social media to celebrate his suspended sentence for kicking a Royal Marine in the head has been jailed by a judge for "gloating".

Cpl Marc Jolly, 27, said he "felt safer in Afghanistan" than in England after Ben Scott attacked him in a car park.

When Scott, 31, from Redruth, was given a suspended sentence in April he called his victim "scum" and posted a picture of a bottle of champagne on Facebook.

The judge recalled Scott to Truro Crown Court and jailed him for 12 months.

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Image caption Ben Scott made a "gloating comment" on Facebook after getting a suspended sentence

Judge Christopher Harvey Clark described Scott's social media post as a "stupid and gloating comment".

The judge said he must now "face the consequences of his stupid and arrogant behaviour" which followed his court case on 22 April.

The court heard Scott, who had been previously jailed for drug dealing, carried out the unprovoked attack on Christmas Eve 2015 in a car park in Camborne, Cornwall.

He was said to have ambushed Cpl Jolly, attacking him from behind and wounding him in the head and eye.

Scott posted the comment on Facebook just 45 minutes after he was given a suspended sentence for the attack.

Truro Crown Court was told earlier that under Section 155 of the Power of Sentencing Act 2000 the court had the power to change a sentence within 66 days of it being passed.

Jeremy Leaning, for Scott, told the judge there had been "a tidal wave of hatred and abuse as a result of that tasteless and despicable posting".

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Image caption Cpl Marc Jolly said he felt safer in Afghanistan than in England

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