Bodmin war memorial 'has been incorrect since 1989'

Bodmin war memorial
Image caption An investigation is going on into what mistakes have been made, the council said.

A war memorial which has been littered with mistakes since it was created in 1989 may cost £10,000 to fix, a council has said.

Names of men killed in both world wars may have been left off or wrongly added to the monument, in Bodmin, Cornwall.

A local historian alerted the local council to the errors, which include incorrect spellings and wrong initials.

Mayor Lance Kennedy said "serious research" was needed to establish the extent of the problem.

It is understood errors were made during the process of transferring the names of those killed from memorial plaques around Bodmin to a new monument.

A tape recorder, which was used to list the names, is believed to be behind a number of the mistakes.

Ann Hicks, chairman of the Cornwall Family History Society, said: "They are dishonouring the dead of Cornwall."

Mr Kennedy said there were "undoubtedly" mistakes which could include both names missed off and names wrongly etched on.

The work to research the names and amend the panels would cost the tax payer around £10,000 and could take as long at 18 months to complete, he added.

"This must be done, and it's got to be done right."

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