Scilly space rocket Falcon 9 did not explode

Rocket Image copyright Tresco Island
Image caption The section was from the first stage of a rocket which successfully launched to the International Space Station

A chunk of space debris found off the Isles of Scilly was not from a rocket that exploded after take-off.

SpaceX confirmed it was from the first stage of its successful Falcon 9 CRS-4 mission from September last year.

The section of the spacecraft, measuring about 10m (32ft) by 4m (13ft), was spotted on the surface between Bryher and Tresco.

Coastguards believed it was from the SpaceX Falcon 9 which exploded after take-off in Florida in June.

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The later CRS-4 mission successfully docked with the International Space Station after its launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The first stage landed in the Atlantic Ocean and part of it was found floating off the Isles of Scilly by local boatman Joe Thomas.

It was towed Tresco where it has now been removed from the beach.

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