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Moving giant oyster sculpture for Falmouth square

image captionThe sculpture, which will open and close with the tides, will be based near Events Square in Falmouth

A giant oyster-shaped sculpture for Falmouth has been given the go-ahead by Cornwall Council.

The sculpture, by Cornish artist Andrew Nicholls, will stand up to 8.7m (29ft) high and open and close with the tides.

The work, which will be based on an oyster given to the artist by a Fal oyster fisherman, will be based near Events Square in Falmouth.

The town has enjoyed a long history with oyster fishing and hosts the annual Oyster Festival in October.

'Natural link'

On his website, Mr Nicholls said he hoped the sculpture "could join the ranks of internationally recognised public art, bringing visitors from all over the world, boosting tourism, business and awareness of the unique fishery in Falmouth".

A miniature working model of the sculpture is currently on display at the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Falmouth town centre manager Richard Gates said: "The idea is the sculpture can open and close with the tide or at times of the day.

"There's a natural link to oysters and Falmouth. It's celebrating the Falmouth oyster which is sold in restaurants in the UK and beyond."

On his website, Mr Nicholls said funding for the sculpture would come from various sources, including private and corporate sponsorship and bids to National Lottery and Arts Council grants.

No funds would be requested from local councils or the Maritime Museum, he said.

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