Isles of Scilly get first traffic lights

The Isles of Scilly are to get their first set of traffic lights - but only temporarily.

The traffic-calming measures are to be installed while work is carried out on the islands' airport.

The chairwoman of the Isles of Scilly Council, Amanda Martin, said: "I believe these are the first traffic lights we've had."

The islands, which are about 28 miles (45km) south west of Cornwall, have barely 10 miles (16km) of road.

Ms Martin said: "We have got a few A-class roads and, to be honest, a few people have a bit of a bug bear that we have to pay road tax.

"Obviously, there are cars on the islands - but motorists would find it hard to get much more than 20mph on the roads because they are so short.

"Put it this way, you'd struggle to get into fourth gear."

The five inhabited islands have a population of about 2,000. Their airport is on the island of St Mary's.

On the British mainland, London's first traffic lights were installed in Westminster in 1868 to help MPs get to the House of Commons. They were rolled out across much of Britain from the 1920s.

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