'Dangerous' e-cigarette nicotine capsule kills puppy

image copyrightKeith Sutton
image captionThe 12-week-old terrier "absorbed the nicotine through the roof of her mouth" her owner said

A puppy has died after chewing a nicotine capsule for an electronic cigarette.

A vet in Cornwall worked through the night to save the 12-week-old terrier, but it died in the early hours.

The dog's owner, Keith Sutton from Redruth, said the nicotine capsule fell to the floor from his pocket on Sunday.

The Animal Veterinary Services vet said the nicotine was "dangerous stuff" and the puppy's teeth had "readily penetrated" its plastic container.

'Lock and key'

The puppy, called Ivy, was taken immediately to the vet by Mr Sutton, who said he blamed himself for what had happened.

"We got to the vets within 10 minutes," he told BBC News.

The vet said the age of the dog had made it more vulnerable.

"We treated the puppy doing all the things the book said might work, but failed to save it.

"The puppy reacted within two minutes but it was in trouble within seconds - it's almost certain that because it was a young puppy, it was much more vulnerable."

The vet said e-cigarettes might not need to be "under lock and key", but they should certainly be kept away from children and pets.

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