Traffic 'incident' caused Penryn gas leak

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service says it has been called out three times in less than three months for the same leaking gas pipe.

On Friday, a large gas leak closed part of Penryn town centre and nearby residents were advised to stay indoors with their windows open.

The fire service says the situation needs to be addressed before someone is hurt.

Wales and West Utilities said the pipe at The Terrace will be relocated.

'Inconvenient position'

Fire Watch Manager Martin Mellor told BBC News he believed the problem with the gas pipe was its location.

"It's a gas pipe that seems to be in a really inconvenient position," he said.

"It's a pinch-point in the road where vehicles are passing and hitting this gas pipe."

Wales and West confirmed the gas leak on Friday was caused by a road traffic incident.

"This pipe has been in place for 25 years - but has been damaged twice in road traffic incidents this year," a spokesman said.

"Therefore, following this incident and in liaison with the local authority, we have decided to take this opportunity to move the affected gas pipe to ensure it is not damaged by traffic in the future."

The work to move the pipe will be carried out by engineers on Sunday.

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