Bishop of Truro new member of House of Lords

The Bishop of Truro, the Right Reverend Tim Thornton, has been introduced as a new member of the House of Lords.

Bishop Thornton became a Lord Bishop after gaining his seat at the Palace of Westminster at the end of January.

He became a Bishop in 2001 and was enthroned as Bishop of Truro in 2009.

A total of 26 unelected Bishops, known as the Lords Spiritual, traditionally sit in the House of Lords. They are not affiliated to any political party.

Dressed in ceremonial robes, Bishop Thornton swore an oath of allegiance to the Queen, "her heirs and successors" before taking his seat on the Bishops' benches.

Places are reserved for the archbishops of Canterbury and York, and the bishops of Durham, London and Winchester.

The other 21 places go to bishops who have served the longest time in office.

Bishop Thornton recently spoke out against the idea of same-sex marriage during a debate in Cornwall.

The government plans to change the law on marriage before the 2015 election.

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