In Pictures: Rowena Cade's Minack theatre

image captionRowena Cade, who died 30 years ago this week, discovered the Minack headland in west Cornwall and bought it for £100.
image captionFrom the Minack headline in west Cornwall Ms Cade created the Minack Theatre. The stage itself took six months to create.
image captionThe first performance was The Tempest in the summer of 1932. It was lit by batteries and car headlights.
image captionAlways working on a shoe-string, and often alone, Rowena Cade built up the theatre adding additional seating.
image captionIn 1976 Rowena Cade gave the Minack Theatre to a charitable trust. In March 1983 Ms Cade died aged 89.
image captionToday the Minack Theatre rarely cancels a performance. Its season, which runs from May to September, will include plays, opera and pop singers.

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