Five Islands School: All councillors to see Bryce Wilby report

Bryce Wilby
Image caption Bryce Wilby was suspended in May and an audit investigation was launched

All councillors on the Isles of Scilly will get to see the full report into the conduct of the suspended head of the Five Islands School.

Only a few councillors saw the final version of the Bryce Wilby report after signing a confidentiality agreement.

Other councillors complained at what they saw as "a lack of trust" when they were denied access.

Isles of Scilly Council chairman Mike Hicks has promised they will be sent a copy this week.

Mr Wilby left his post after allegations of financial irregularities, which he has always strongly denied. He has yet to see the final report by auditors from Cornwall Council.

Last year Mr Hicks promised the full report would be made public.

'An insult'

However, he had to back track after legal advice and at one point it appeared that very little, if anything, of the Wilby report would be published.

In December, when it was announced only a few councillors would see the report, other members of the council reacted angrily.

Speaking at the time, Councillor Gordon Bilsborough, said: "Three councillors were given that report to read, under confidentiality clause. The other councillors were not allowed to see it.

"So what they're saying is they can trust those three councillors but they can't trust the others and that is an insult."

Mr Hicks said: "I need some final clarification from the lawyers but each and every councillor has signed a code of conduct.

"It's my intention they will see that report this week, if it's at all possible."

Mr Hicks said the councillors would not be expected to sign the confidentiality agreement.

Fran Gottrick, from the community pressure group HEART of Scilly, said: "It is for the chair of the council to decide on the distribution of the report.

"I would find it reasonable that anyone mentioned in the report should have a copy as well."

Mr Hicks said as full a version of the report as possible would be made public very soon.

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