Church of England's decision on women bishops was 'wrong'

The Right Reverend Tim Thornton
Image caption The Bishop of Truro said the Diocese of Truro will be "very, very disappointed" at the decision

The Church of England's decision not to allow the ordination of women bishops was "wrong", said the Bishop of Truro.

The Right Reverend Tim Thornton said everyone should be treated the same in the Church, adding that "something should be done" following the decision.

The general synod of the Church voted narrowly against the appointment of women as bishops on Tuesday.

It has been one of the most divisive issues in the Church since it voted to ordain women priests 20 years ago.

The proposed legislation paving the way for women bishops needed to gain two-thirds majority support in each of the synod's three houses - bishops, clergy and laity - but fell short by six votes in the House of Laity.

An emergency meeting is to take place later with the Church of England's bishops to consider the consequences of the vote.

Mr Thornton, a strong supporter of women bishops, said that many people around the country and right across the Diocese of Truro will be "very, very disappointed and very surprised" at the decision.

He said questions such as, "how representative is the synod?" and "how in touch are we as a body of people with the wider church?" would be raised at the meeting.

"At the moment for all sorts of reasons, the position of bishop is not yet open to women. I think that's wrong and I certainly think we should do something about it," he added.

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