Bespoke support ends for Camborne's DISC centre

A centre in Cornwall for vulnerable people has said it can no longer offer "bespoke services" after funding cuts.

The Drop In and Share Centre (DISC) in Camborne, which helps people including those who are homeless, said its funding had been reduced by 50%.

Following the cuts it said it had to make two staff redundant.

The Reverend Mike Firbank, a trustee, said: "We have been fortunate in that our funding has only been reduced not taken away."

'Painful process'

Mr Firbank said: "The only thing we're able to do as the trustees of DISC was to look at redundancies and downsizing the team and that's what we've done. It's been a very painful process

"We'll be open the same hours Monday to Friday supporting anyone who comes in but we won't be able to offer the same bespoke, individual, tailor-made support.

"It's not good news because we're having to reduce what we do, but it is good news that we will be able to maintain the day centre."

Lorna Davies, who previously managed the service, said: "Cuts have to be made, however, what seems to be happening more and more is that the cuts are being made in the very places where money is needed.

"It's well publicised how poor the area is it's also very well publicised how vulnerable the people are in the area so it is an absolute tragedy, but what I will say is the fact that this is going to keep going is testament to itself."

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