Newquay police send home drunk and disorderly teenagers

Police van in Newquay
Image caption There have been 25 arrests in the last week of the crackdown

Newquay police have sent home 27 teenagers in a week in efforts to "crack down" on under age drinking and antisocial behaviour in the town.

Police were called to a group of 20 16 year-olds from Bristol "running riot" in a rented apartment and found one boy unconscious from alcohol.

Other teenagers have been evicted from a hostel after damaging a room, and damage was caused in a local campsite.

Insp Ian Drummond-Smith said it was a "waste of police and NHS resources".

The group from Bristol, were on holiday in a private apartment which had been rented by one of the teenagers parents.

Police found eight empty bottles of vodka and a bin bag of empty lager cans. The toilets had been pulled off the wall.

'Disgraceful waste'

Mr Drummond-Smith said: "The under-18s at this party told us they brought this alcohol down to Cornwall but refused to state how they had obtained it back home.

"The unconscious 16-year-old was in quite a state and its fortunate we were called so we could get him to hospital.

"This is a disgraceful waste of police and NHS resources and I would encourage parents to think long and hard before renting private accommodation for groups of unsupervised under-18s."

Parents of five 16-year-olds from Guildford were called to collect them after the teenagers caused damage to a caravan at a camp site.

Two 16-year-olds from Solihull were collected by their parents after being evicted from a local hostel where a room was damaged.

Last week there were 25 arrests, 142 seizures of alcohol and seven people banned from the town.

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