Bankruptcy rates rise in Devon and Cornwall

People in Cornwall have the highest rates of bankruptcy in England and Wales, according to the Consumer Credit Counselling Service.

In 2009, 24 people in every 10,000 were filing for bankruptcy in Cornwall compared with 11 in Greater London.

In 2000, eight people in every 10,000 went bankrupt in Cornwall, the report revealed.

Higher levels of debt and a shortage of jobs are believed to be the reasons behind it, a service spokeswoman added.

The report showed that in 2009, in Devon, 23 people in every 10,000 went bankrupt compared with seven in 2000.

Una Farrell from the counselling organisation said: "Compared to other counties, especially in the North, they [people in the South West] are relatively wealthy, so people therefore have more access to credit.

"They also don't have any major urban hubs, so if someone does lose their job it's harder for them to find employment," she added.

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