Circle of Raphael talisman 'magic claim misleading'

A Cornwall-based company has been ordered to withdraw claims about the magical properties of its jewellery.

Circle of Raphael, which operates from St Austell, claims it has talismans and amulets that can protect wearers from fire and treat depression.

But the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said such claims breached the rules of its practice code.

No-one from Circle of Raphael has been available to comment on the ruling.

'Angelic protection'

The ASA said the company must remove a significant amount of the claims it makes on its website.

Its website says the company is made up of a small group of genuine "adepts" who are "recognized world leaders in the ancient art of angelic talismanic magic".

It sells a range of amulets and talismans costing from about £20 to more than £100, offering a "money back guarantee" to any customer not fully satisfied with their product.

Other benefits of the jewellery - which are unsubstantiated - include financial prosperity and angelic protection.

'Mystic adepts'

The ASA ruled the Circle of Raphael's website displayed "misleading, unsubstantiated and exaggerated" claims and carried unproven testimonials.

The authority was particularly concerned about one talisman, which claimed to protect its wearer from violent and aggressive people.

The adjudication said: "Readers who purchased the amulet believing that it was capable of protecting them... might then choose to put themselves in confrontational situations that they might otherwise have chosen to avoid."

The ASA also noted that there was no evidence that the Circle of Raphael comprised a group of genuine mystic adepts with "widely recognised levels of skill or training relating to their field of activity".

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