Falmouth royal wedding party Tasering referred to IPCC

An incident in which a man was shot with a Taser gun at a street party in Cornwall has been referred to the official police complaints body.

Stefan Naumczyk, 19, from Falmouth, was arrested and cautioned by police for being drunk and disorderly at the royal wedding party.

He has claimed it was not necessary for police to use the Taser.

Devon and Cornwall Police said it had referred the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The Malborough Street party, which was advertised on the internet, was attended by about 500 people.

Image caption Stefan Naumczyk, who was given a police caution, said the use of the Taser was not necessary

Police were called after complaints from some residents.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Netherton said officers were responding to numerous complaints noise and disorder resulting from several private parties in the area.

Speaking about Mr Naumczyk's arrest, he said: "Following this incident, although no complaint has been received by police, the matter has been referred to the Independents Police Complaints Commission.

"An investigation has now begun into what happened during the arrest."

Mr Naumczyk was held overnight at a police station before being cautioned and released the next morning.

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