Cow manure fetish man is jailed by Cornwall court

A man with a fetish for cow manure has been jailed for two years.

Truro Crown Court heard that David Truscott, 41, had repeatedy broken into a farm near Redruth in Cornwall over a period of six years.

Judge Christopher Elwen said Truscott made the lives of the farm's owners "absolute hell" through his "bizarre fetish and disgusting behaviour".

Truscott, of Camborne, Cornwall, was jailed for breaching the terms of a restraining order and harassment.

'Bizarre activities'

The court was told Truscott was jailed for an arson attack at the farm after setting fire to a cattle pen which killed a cow and her newborn calves.

But in 2009 he returned to the farm and was discovered in a muck spreader.

He was jailed again for 16 weeks and made the subject of a restraining order.

Mark Charnley, defending, described Truscott as a "socially inadequate man".

Judge Elwen rejected a defence plea for a suspended sentence saying Truscott had to be jailed for his "bizarre and perverted activities".

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