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Liskeard vandalism 'racially aggravated'

image captionThe youths were shouting abuse as they kicked Mr Hossin's front door and smashed a window

An attack on staff quarters at an Indian restaurant in Cornwall on Saturday was racially motivated, police believe.

Six people were asleep when youths attacked the Liskeard property, shouting racial abuse as they smashed a window and kicked the front door.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the "deplorable" incident was being treated as racially-aggravated criminal damage.

No-one was injured in the attack at the Annapurna restaurant in Castle Street.

Millat Hossin, who runs the restaurant, said it was not the first time he and other members of his Bangladeshi staff had been targeted.

Dog handler

"It's being happening for a long time, but it's getting worse," the 26-year-old told BBC News.

"You wouldn't really expect that in the 21st Century."

He described the incident, believed to have involved a group of about seven to 10 youths, as "very frightening".

The alarm was raised by Mr Hossin just after 0400 GMT on Saturday.

Officers, including a police dog handler, were deployed but no arrests were made.

Sgt Stan Port said the matter was being treated very seriously and he wanted to send out a strong message that race crimes would not be tolerated.

"We don't want anyone to get hurt by any form of violence or any act against them just because of their actual origin or belief," he said.

Anyone with information about the incident should contact police.

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