Cornwall farmer to appeal after pub plans are rejected

A farmer who wants to build a pub and shop in a Cornish village has said he intends to appeal after councillors rejected plans for the third time.

Lindsay Ellacott submitted the application for the village of Boyton, near Launceston, which has been without a pub for 100 years.

An action group was formed by some residents who objected to the plan.

Mr Ellacott said the division in the community over the issue had left him feeling "very upset".

'Worried for family'

On 5 November, Mr Ellacott said he found a bonfire night guy in the village which was wearing clothes similar to his own.

The matter was reported to Devon and Cornwall Police by Mr Ellacott's wife Diana.

She told BBC News: "I was very upset - why would anybody want to do this?

"I was worried for my family and my husband."

A parish councillor said a majority of people had voted against the plans.

However, one villager in favour of them said he believed the pub and shop would make Boyton a more appealing place to live.

"Perhaps life would be that much better", Ricky Reid said.

The owners of the house nearest to the site for the pub said although they did not object in principle, they did not want it close to their front door.

If planning permission is given, Mr Ellacott said: "I think people will soon put this episode behind them and hopefully pull together and make it a success."

The Boyton Action Group declined to be interviewed on the matter.