Cornwall team tackles wards bed-blocking


Managers at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust say they are tackling the problem of beds being unnecessarily occupied.

The move follows a BBC Freedom of Information request which revealed that 36 people were in beds when doctors wanted to send them home on 11 October.

Most were elderly people waiting for their future care to be arranged.

Managers said it was a fairly typical day and they were bringing in a discharge team to reduce numbers.

The total number of beds occupied was just under 5% of the total number of beds across the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust.

The daily cost of care for a patient is about £230, not including medical costs.

Consultant nurse Frazer Underwood said: "The capacity in the community for patients is on the whole there.

"It's about getting the patient into the right service, so they get the best ongoing care."

Martyn Rogers, of Age Concern in Exeter, said: "It is about co-ordination and linking well and supporting families."

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