HMP Peterborough: Conditions imposed on nurse over prison death

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Mother-of-three Annabella Landsberg died after spending several weeks in segregation at HMP Peterborough

A prison nurse who failed to make adequate checks on a diabetic inmate who later died has been told she must be supervised for 18 months.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) found Lesley Watts failed to help Annabella Landsberg at HMP Peterborough.

She died in hospital in September 2017 after being restrained and left on her cell floor for 21 hours.

Mrs Watts admitted the misconduct and apologised for her lack of care.

The NMC imposed a conditions of practice order against Mrs Letts to run for 18 months with a review before the end of the term.

An inquest held in 2019 heard Ms Landsberg was restrained after she grabbed at a prison officer's leg as they tried to administer medication.

She was left on the floor overnight and in the morning Mrs Watts, who was doing her rounds, said she observed her through the cell window, moving and breathing.

Three hours later concerned staff called Mrs Watts who replied the patient was "attention-seeking and faking medical issues".

At about 12:00 BST, said she observed the inmate on the floor "snoring" when she looked through the cell window.

'You are pathetic'

Mrs Watts went into the cell just before 15:00. The panel was told Mrs Landsberg groaned but would not get up off the floor.

The nurse was heard saying: "There are residents that are really ill and they are having to wait to see me because I have got to come and see you. You need to get up, you are pathetic."

As she left the cell Mrs Watts picked up a cup of water and threw it in the direction of the inmate.

She said: "You haven't wet yourself, this is what you've done."

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Annabella Landsberg was serving a four-year sentence at the privately-run HMP Peterborough

An ambulance was called after the clinical nursing manager decided to intervene and went to examine Ms Landsberg.

She found her lying on the floor with a blue hair net on her face with a hole for her mouth and nose, and mumbling.

Ms Landsberg died in hospital a few days later.

The panel said that Mrs Watts' failure to act did not contribute to Ms Landsberg's death.

However, she was found to have committed misconduct in her clinical and physical observations and her physical and verbal abuse towards the inmate.

The same hearing found another case of misconduct while she was employed as a healthcare assistant at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, Cambridgeshire in 2018.

The patient involved in that case did not die.

The NMC banned her from working as a nurse for 18 months with a review before the end of the ban.

Mrs Watts had been dismissed from her post at the prison in 2018 following a disciplinary hearing for gross misconduct.

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