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Wisbech murder trial: Man's body 'wheeled away on bike then set alight'

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image captionMindaugas Arlauskas' body was found on an industrial estate in Wisbech on 9 May

Two men beat another man to death before using a bike to wheel his body to an industrial estate where they set it alight, a court has heard.

Mindaugas Arlauskas, 28, was found dead by a passer-by in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire on 9 May, jurors heard.

Prosecutors allege Tomas Lazdauskas, of Milner Road, and another man killed him, with the former taking photos of the victim "lying beaten and bloodied".

Mr Lazdauskas, 24, has admitted manslaughter but denies murder.

Jurors at Cambridge Crown Court were told the other man, Donatas Umbrasas, 27, also known as Donce, has already pleaded guilty to murder.

image captionTomas Lazdauskas has admitted manslaughter but denies murder

Opening the case, prosecutor Timothy Cray QC said the three Lithuanian men had all been drinking earlier on Friday, 8 May and later that day, at about 21:30 BST, Mr Arlauskas, also known as Minda, arrived at Mr Lazdauskas' house.

Mr Cray said CCTV showed Mr Arlauskas "trying to leave seven minutes later before being turned around by" Mr Lazdauskas.

He told the court there were later "photos [Mr Lazsdauskas] took of Minda lying beaten and bloodied out in the garden".

Mr Cray told the court Mr Lazdauskas and Mr Umbrasas went to the latter's house "while Minda is lying in the garden".

The pair later returned and CCTV showed them leaving Mr Lazdauskas' home "with Minda's body slumped over the bike", jurors heard.

Mr Cray said "laughter" can be heard on the footage.

He added that Mr Arlauskas would have been dead by the time his body was set alight on Sandall Road.

The court heard forensic pathologist Dr Benjamin Swift had found more than 20 separate injury sites on his body, and prosecutors allege weapons including a metal bar, part of a chair and a child's bike were used in the attack.

image captionProsecutors allege the attack was "a stupid and unnecessary killing fuelled by drink and jealousy"

The prosecutor said there had "not so much a love triangle as a love square" between Mr Lazdauskas and Mr Arlauskas and two women.

Mr Cray called the attack "a stupid and unnecessary killing fuelled by drink and jealousy".

As for Mr Umbrasas, Mr Cray said: "On the face of it, no-one knew him and there's no reason to get involved in [Mr Lazdauskas'] problems."

He told the court: "Mr Lazdauskas' defence, in essence, is that although he wanted Donce to beat up Minda, he said Donce went too far and that he did not share the intent to cause really serious harm."

The trial continues.

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