Cambridge GP who kissed colleague without consent given warning

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Image caption The tribunal heard that Dr Linehan had taken a "professional boundaries" course since the kissing incident

A GP who kissed a junior colleague without her consent has been given a warning by a medical tribunal.

Dr Paul Linehan admitted holding the woman's face, kissing her, hugging her and mentioning her "blushing".

A representative for Dr Linehan said it was a couple of seconds of him "taking leave of his senses".

A medical tribunal found there was no sexual motivation behind the Cambridge doctor's actions and his fitness to practise medicine was not impaired.

The act. described as "impulsive" in the tribunal's written report, happened last summer at the NHS Newnham Walk Surgery in Cambridge.

Dr Linehan claimed he was trying to comfort her because she was "upset".

'Wholly inappropriate'

However, she denied being upset until the unwanted kiss.

Mr Neil Sheldon QC, representing Dr Linehan, told the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing that his client had suffered a "year of regret and sleepless nights" since the "spontaneous" act.

Dr Linehan apologised for his actions shortly after the event and has completed a professional boundaries course since.

The tribunal found Dr Lineham's actions were not sexually motivated.

It ruled Dr Linehan's ability to practise medicine was not impaired by his misconduct, but said his actions were "wholly inappropriate".

A formal warning was issued by the medical tribunal because Dr Linehan's actions "risked bringing the medical profession into disrepute".

Newnham Walk Surgery would not comment on the outcome of the hearing.

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