Cambridge University warning over runaway peahen

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Image caption A peahen is living in the college gardens

Cambridge University students have been urged to stop feeding a runaway peahen "tasty treats" in the hope she will leave a college garden and go home.

The bird arrived at Trinity Hall's Wychfield site about four weeks ago.

Staff put up posters to try to find her owners and asked students to refrain from feeding the bird, which has so far refused to leave the manicured gardens.

Students put up their own posters joking about the "dangerous criminal" peahen and "her honeyed words".

The college site is home to Trinity Hall's student accommodation and the neat grounds are tended by gardeners, who have now become babysitters to the wayward peahen.

Posters placed near the Storey's Way site in the city have so far failed to find the owner.

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Image caption The site includes student residences and elaborate gardens

In the hope she would make her own way back to her owners, students were asked to "help us encourage her to go home" by refraining from giving her treats, although water was being put out for the bird.

In response, students put up their own "wanted" posters.

They warned others the bird would "approach you and use many persuasions and tricks to make you bring her food".

"Do not listen to her honeyed words," they added.

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Image caption Peahens and peacocks can cause damage to plants as well as being considered a noise nuisance

It is not known whether the peahen escaped or was dumped, but the college has confirmed she is still living there.

"We're looking after her and making sure she has what she needs, but ideally we want to return her to her owner - otherwise we will try to find a suitable home for her," a spokesman said.

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