Cat rescue charity: 'Smelly cats' bed-blocking in Peterborough

Kittens Image copyright Peterborough Cat Rescue
Image caption A rehoming day is scheduled as the rescue centre is "overwhelmed" with kittens

A large number of "cats that smell" are taking up extra space at a rescue charity that is already full with unwanted moggies, staff have said.

Peterborough Cat Rescue said it was not taking on new animals as it has 80 kittens and 40 adult cats, which it said was "unprecedented for May".

Part of the problem was the "constant stream of unneutered males" which "have to stay... until they stop smelling".

A re-homing day for cats and kittens that do not smell takes place later.

On its Facebook page the rescue charity, which houses cats with fosterers, carers and catteries, pleaded with people to have their pets neutered to "stop more kittens being born, thank you".

Image copyright Peterborough Cat Rescue
Image caption Tom cats have to stop being smelly cats - but its not their fault

"Sadly we are at the point that we have to close our doors to taking cats into our rescue... as we have no space left at all for adults," staff wrote.

With 80 kittens on their books, they said they were "once again overwhelmed" and the numbers were "unprecedented" so early in the season.

"We have had a constant stream of unneutered males, battered, some with abscesses and basically in a mess, but after treatment and neutering they have to stay in our cattery until they stop smelling and re-socialise before homing, so take up a run for several weeks - again limiting our space," staff added.

Image copyright Peterborough Cat Rescue
Image caption Volunteers go to great lengths to rescue strays when they are reported to the charity

The charity has asked for volunteer fosterers for some of their animals to come forward to relieve pressure on current carers.

A rehoming day is taking place from 13:30 BST until 16:30, when staff hope people looking for their purrfect pet will find it at the event in The Christie Hall in Elton Road, Wansford.

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