Judge bans trespassers from Fitzwilliam Hunt land

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The judge said barring trespassers would reduce the risk of disturbance, injury or damage

A High Court judge has barred opponents of foxhunting from trespassing on land used by a hunt.

Operators of the Fitzwilliam Hunt, which has stables in Peterborough, had complained about trespass and made allegations of intimidation and harassment.

Opponents disputed the hunt's complaints and allegations.

Mr Justice Clive Freedman granted injunctions against a number of named people plus "persons unknown".

He said injunctions "until trial or further order" barring trespass would protect property rights and reduce the risk of disturbance, injury or damage.

The judge outlined his decision in a ruling following a High Court hearing in London.

He said claims and counter-claims could be fully analysed at a trial and added the injunctions might be lifted following any trial.

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