Norwich Cathedral to feature fairground helter skelter

image copyrightNorwich Cathedral
image captionAn artist's impression of the helter skelter planned for the nave of Norwich Cathedral gives an idea of the scale

A full-size helter skelter is to be installed in Norwich Cathedral in August to give people a different view of the inside of the building.

By climbing the funfair ride people will see centuries-old architectural features and decorative bosses.

The 40ft (12m) high ride will be in the west end of the 69ft (21m) high nave.

Canon Andy Bryant said a cathedral may not be the natural home for a helter skelter, but he hoped it would bring people in for a religious experience.

image copyrightPaul Hurst
image captionRoof bosses, which cannot be seen clearly from the floor of the nave, will be more visible from the helter skelter

Visitors climbing up to have a go on the ride will be treated to unique views of the cathedral - including a closer look at the medieval roof bosses that depict Biblical stories.

"We will be doing what cathedrals have always done: helping people see things differently and make connections with the things of God," said the canon.

"The helter skelter will be here for two weeks and the whole aim is to enable people to see the building differently.

"It's not what you would expect to see in a cathedral. It's an opportunity to experience Norwich Cathedral in a whole different way.

"We're encouraging people to lie down and look up because, when you do, you literally see the building so differently."

The cathedral is planning other events including a visit by Dippy, the Natural History Museum's iconic diplodocus dinosaur skeleton, from July to October 2020.

image copyrightPaul Hurst
image captionA view of the ceiling from the floor of the cathedral

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