Speeding Audi driver 'reached 145mph' in Cambridgeshire

Audi stopped for speeding Image copyright BCH Road Policing
Image caption An average speed check showed the car at more than 132mph

A driver was pursued by a police motorcyclist at speeds of up to 145mph (233km/h) on a dual carriageway.

The police officer followed the Audi S3 after it sped past him on on the A428 between Caxton and Hardwick, Cambridgeshire, on Sunday.

He said he chased the car for more than three miles, recording an average speed of 132mph (212km/h).

The driver will face a summons to court for speeding offences, the officer said.

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The officer said the vehicle was "one of several" caught exceeding the limit in the area.

"It's very dangerous, not just for the driver but everyone around him, and for myself having to travel at those speeds on a motorcycle to catch and stop him," he said.

Shortly before the Audi was stopped, the same officer had pulled over a motorcycle speeding at more than 100mph (160km/h) on the same stretch of 70mph (112km/h) road.

Image copyright BCH Road Policing

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