Friday Bridge rooftop-rescue peacock attracts re-homers

Peacock on rooftop Image copyright Fenland Animal Rescue
Image caption "Pixie" the peacock had to be rescued after taking refuge on the roof of a two-storey house

Dozens of people have offered to re-home a peacock at the centre of a rooftop rescue, after its owners failed to come forward.

When the bird set up home on top of a two-storey house in Friday Bridge, Cambridgeshire, charity Fenland Animal Rescue was called in to remove it.

Despite pleas, via vets and social media, no-one claimed the "seriously underweight and terrified" bird.

The charity is vetting potential new owners for the peacock, named Pixie.

The bird had been spotted roaming around the village, near Wisbech, for several weeks, but eluded rescuers' attempts to find him until he appeared on the roof of a house.

Image copyright Fenland Animal Rescue
Image caption Joshua Flanagan and his team of volunteers are trained in specialist rescue techniques

"It was a rather weird and wonderful animal to find on your roof," said Joshua Flanagan, who set up the charity a year ago.

Trained in specialist animal rescue techniques by the emergency services, he and two volunteers used ropes to bring the bird to safety.

"He put up a bit of a fight and definitely didn't want to move," he said.

Image copyright Fenland Animal Rescue
Image caption The peacock was underweight having fended for himself for several weeks but is now well on the way to a healthy weight

The peacock, which was underweight and very hungry has now been at the charity's Whittlesey rehabilitation centre for more than a week and is almost back to a normal weight, which can be up to 10kg (22lbs) for an adult bird.

"Some of our volunteers named him Pixie because he's a bit of a fairy. He loves being groomed and stroked," Mr Flanagan said.

It is not known whether the peacock was dumped or escaped, but extensive efforts to find its owner have failed.

Image copyright Fenland Animal Rescue
Image caption The charity is now vetting potential owners to ensure the peacock goes to a good home

"He is a stunning-looking chap and so many people have been in touch offering our peacock a new home, one woman even called from Dumfries in Scotland." he said.

"That's what we like to see, and it's why we do what we do."

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