Cambridge rape victim waives anonymity to urge others to report attacks

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Media captionCambridgeshire teenager Honey-Mae Lyons speaks out about being raped to help others

A woman who was raped by two men after being carried unconscious across a park said she initially felt the attack was "my fault".

Honey-Mae Lyons, 19, waived her right to anonymity in a bid to encourage other rape victims to speak out.

Muhammed Ekici, 24, and Serham Ozkebapci, 25, were jailed after admitting what they had done.

Ms Lyons said she now knows that no-one has "the right to take advantage" and urged others to come forward.

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"From the moment I realised I had been sexually assaulted, I was convinced it was my fault and I felt embarrassed to tell people what happened.

"I expected them to wave a disapproving finger at me and assume that it was my fault because I had been drinking," she said.

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Image caption Ekici (above) and his flatmate Ozkebapci were seen on CCTV carrying Honey-Mae Lyons across Parker's Piece in Cambridge

"Now I know that no matter how drunk someone is, no matter what state they are in, nobody has the right to take advantage of them.

"I would urge anyone who finds themselves in my situation to report it.

"What those men did to me has had such an impact on my personal life that I cannot find any words to describe how horrific the last eight months have been.

"Reporting it allowed me to accept that I was a victim of sexual assault and rape and knowing these men are receiving justice has helped me slowly let go of the past and begin to move on with my life."

At Norwich Crown Court, Ekici was jailed for seven years for rape and Ozkebapci was jailed for three years, six months, for sexual assault at their flat in Parkside Place.

Ms Lyons was out with friends in Cambridge in the early hours of 30 July when the attack took place.

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Image caption Honey-Mae Lyons woke at the men's flat with no memory of the events which brought her there

CCTV images show Ekici and Ozkebapci carrying her across Parker's Piece to their flat.

The teenager, who was 18 at the time, said she had no memory of what had happened when she woke up there the next morning.

When she realised some of her clothes were on inside out, Ms Lyons knew something was wrong, so she reported the incident to the police.

A police investigation discovered photographs of her on the men's mobile phones, with messages boasting about what they had done.

DNA samples matched those of Ekici and Ozkebapci. Det Con Becky Cohen said the men had "preyed on a defenceless and vulnerable young woman".