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Cambridge Mackays dummy gets 3D-printed hand after theft

image copyrightMackays
image captionTom Parker from Cambridge 3D Printing fitted Dickie with his new hand

A dummy that has stood outside a Cambridge hardware store for 10 years has had a new 3D-printed left hand fitted after thieves struck.

"Dickie" is placed outside Mackays on East Road each morning at opening time.

After his left hand was stolen last month, Cambridge 3D Printing offered to create a new one and fitted it earlier.

Store owner Neil Mackay said: "Luckily, as he's a mannequin, Dickie didn't need anaesthetic for his operation."

Dickie is known to thousands of commuters who pass the shop on the busy main road into the city.

image copyrightMackays
image captionThe hand fitted perfectly on the mannequin
image copyrightMackays
image caption"Dickie" is often dressed up to show his support of events such as Comic Relief

Usually dressed in hard hat and reflective jacket, his attire frequently changes to reflect the seasons, major events or the latest news stories.

'Bit of fun'

When thieves stole his left hand, "Sickie Dickie", complete with sling, took to his own Twitter account to share the news.

Tom Parker, director of Cambridge 3D Printing, spotted it and offered to build a new one.

image copyrightMackays
image captionWhen Dickie helped Neil Mackay reopen a road next to the shop, he had to do it one-handed

"I knew of the mannequin outside their shop, so thought after he lost his hand a 3D-printed replacement would be ideal, and a good bit of fun," he said.

"I 3D-printed the hand in sections when my printer had some free machine time. It would have only taken a couple of days if made non-stop."

image copyrightCAM3DP
image captionTom Parker downloaded a 3D file for his printing machine to copy
image copyrightCAM3DP
image captionThe hand has fully-working joints

The hi-tech finished hand, with movable joints, fitted perfectly, but is store owner Mr Mackay concerned it will also be stolen?

"Our small works department has built a metal bracket that will secure it very firmly," he said.

image copyrightMackays
image captionDickie is popular with fans of the selfie

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