Stolen Peterborough Chihuahua returned after 'viral' appeal

Lola the Chihuahua Image copyright Coral Monaghan
Image caption The theft of teacup Chihuahua Lola was shared by thousands of dog lovers on social media websites

The owner of a Chihuahua stolen in Peterborough says thousands of people sharing details on social media made the dog "infamous" and forced the thief to return it.

Coral Monaghan believes the thief spotted Lola through her glass front door and snatched her on Saturday.

Miss Monaghan said Facebook details were shared 20,000 times and Lola's own page had 6,000 followers.

Lola was returned on Sunday, "no questions asked", said Miss Monaghan.

Posters and photographs of the 1lb 5oz (0.7kg) teacup Chihuahua were put in shops near her Bretton home, and details were added to lost dog websites, Facebook and Twitter.

Image copyright Coral Monaghan
Image caption Lola was snatched from inside the front door of her home, owner Coral Monaghan believes

"I can't believe how many people got involved and wanted to help us find her. She's so tiny and it was such a stormy weekend, I was frantic," Miss Monaghan said.

"She was literally the hot topic of Peterborough. Everyone was talking about Lola, so I think that made it really hard for anyone who stole her to sell her on.

"She was infamous and was top 'trending' on Twitter on Saturday night. Lola went viral," she said.

Image copyright Coral Monaghan
Image caption The search for Lola was one of the most followed on Twitter on Saturday, Miss Monaghan said

Cambridgeshire Police confirmed Lola had been reported as missing, along with another Chihuahua believed to have been stolen from a nearby area of the city.

"Everyone just went crazy to help us," Miss Monaghan said.

"I can't thank people enough for the support we had because without that I know we wouldn't have got her back."

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