Pregnant woman slashed across face in Cambridge

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Media captionHayley Baker was concerned the blood lost in the knife attack would affect her unborn baby

A heavily pregnant woman has been slashed across the face in an apparently random attack in Cambridge city centre.

Veterinary surgeon Hayley Baker, 29, was assaulted by a man in Hertford Street, as she was walking near her home, at about 20:20 GMT on Thursday.

Mrs Baker was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital with serious facial injuries.

She said the attack left her concerned for her 29-week-old unborn baby and with blood running down her face.

The knifeman, believed to be in his 20s, ran off towards Chesterton Lane.

Det Insp Jamie Stenton said it was "a nasty attack which appears to have been completely random".

'Shaking to the core'

Mrs Baker had just returned to Cambridge having been in Guildford scattering her mother's ashes. "It was the anniversary of her death", she said.

"I was listening to a voicemail and as I finished my call I heard running footsteps behind me and just thought it was a runner coming up the hill.

"I moved to the side of the pavement so they could pass and the next thing I felt was a punch in my right temple, turned around and the person was already running in the opposite direction.

Image caption The Hertford Street assault was a "hideous" attack, said a neighbour

"At that point I put my hand up to my face and could feel all the blood running down.

"It was complete disbelief when it happened and to see the amount of blood coming out was quite scary.

"Because I'm a vet I'm very used to a lot of blood, but when it's your own all rationality goes out of the window."

Anne Garvey, who has lived on the street for more than 30 years, said it was "shaking to the core" that a "vulnerable, defenceless woman could be attacked so hideously".

She said: "When you first hear about it you focus on the suffering of the poor young woman, but clearly there's a much wider implication.

"It makes all women feel obviously more wary, it was a horrible thing to happen."

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