Cambridge BT customers cut off for days by attempted cable theft

Hundreds of homes have been left without phones and broadband for five days after an attempted cable theft.

About 350 faults were reported after "a number of malicious cuts to underground cabling" on Wednesday afternoon in the Milton Road area of Cambridge, a BT spokesman said.

Some homes could be reconnected on Tuesday but it was "not possible to be certain" when all would be, he said.

Three men from Kent were arrested nearby on suspicion of cable theft.

The BT spokesman said: "We will be doing all we can to get all of this engineering works completed as quickly as possible.

"This is a very detailed and complex process to ensure each line is connected correctly.

"We can say it is likely to be tomorrow when the first lines will come back.

"It is not possible to be certain when all will be completed at this stage, but it is very likely to be the end of the week before most are back in service."

The areas affected include Milton Road, Gilbert Road, Campkin Road, Brimley Road, Springfield Road, Arbury Road and Alex Wood Road.

BT said it was possible more people had been affected because of the size of the cables damaged, but said they could "only go by what is reported".

The three men, aged aged 18, 25, and 35, who were arrested after a BT engineer reported suspicious activity on Milton Road, have been released on bail until December.

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